Saturday, November 9, 2013

Itʻs been a LONG TIME! Winter is on our front step and weʻre already planning our paddling season for 2014.  Cultural workshops, racing, and more!  Stay tuned for fundraising updates to help our community get out on the water!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Aloha mai!
We are so blessed in having such extraordinary, committed, generous people in our club who so freely give of their time, talents and aloha to our community.  Recently Kalea and Hui Hawai'i O Utah Hawaiian Civic Club  hosted 'OHANA RETREAT 2012, which was a smashing success.  Mahalo nunui ia David Carden, Kaika Carden, Chris Riches and Chris Valle for all of their hard work and help with helping with the canoes and ensuring that everyone had a safe and enjoyable canoe ride!

Now Kalea's  involvement in the community doesn't stop there!  Just this past week, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Lei Aloha O Ka 'Ohana in presenting Wa'a Keiki Camp 2012. It was absolutely rewarding, thrilling and encouraging to be able to share traditional cultural practices combined with fun, hands on learning experiences with so many children and adults.  For some it brought back memories and for others, they were able to create brand new, lasting ones as well as introduced them to a potential new cultural skill set! The three day long camp was absolutely a labor of love and it was obvious to all, how much dedication and aloha Kalea has for our community.  Mahalo as always to our outstanding Kalea crew.  We are blessed in particular by David Carden, and Chris Valle for tirelessly, selflessly, and continuously giving to our community, to Uncle Mike Tejada for absolutely making the kids' day by bringing down his stand up paddle boards and one man canoe, the kids fully loved it!!! Mahalo to Kaika Carden, Jena Van Frankenhuijsen  and Adam Lee for all of their hard work, and to Lei Aloha O Ka 'Ohana and our community for continuing to LIVE ALOHA. 

And the community engagement doesn't stop there.  We were asked to conduct a cultural workshop for the staff of Pacific Heritage Academy by Ka'au Alapa and Uncle Nephi Prime, and we are humbled to share.  We're looking forward to it and will make sure we post pics!!! It would just not be complete if we did not give a huge MAHALO to Uncle Mark Cook and his 'ohana for always taking such good care of us at Lindon Harbor.  You guys are our angels, mahalo for all that you do for us, we are truly grateful. Until the next time gang, keep paddling, and LIVE ALOHA.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awesome crew!!!

Aloha gang! We had a great paddle session this evening!! Proud to say that we have the only three guys we're aware of, herein Utah, that would be ale to re-rig an ama in the water. No complaints, no discussion, just jump in the water, grab the AMA and re attach. THAT'S HOW WE DO!!! We're going to have another paddle session next Tuesday, want in? Just come on down to Lindon Harbor next Tuesday at 6:30 and you're more than welcome to come paddle with the awesomest paddling crew!!!!! See you there!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Mahalo nunui to Kaimana Barcarse for infusing us with renewed vigor and appreciation for our voyaging heritage.  It's still in us gang, it's still in us.  Mahalo nunui to Uncle Mike Tejada for going out and picking up the newest member of ka 'ohana KALEA !!!! Our newest wa'a needs some slight repairs but not to worry, when she's ready, we'll honor our kuleana to her and her to us by means of cultural protocols, then we'll introduce her to the community!!!

This week's paddling schedule: THURSDAY JUNE 7TH 630 PM AND SATURDAY JUNE 9TH AT 8AM Everyone's invited, mai hilahila, all are welcome!

Thought for the week:
"E kaupe aku no i ka hoe aku mai." Pull on the paddle and draw it forward.  Which urges us to carry on with the task that's started, til it's completion.  In other words...JUST DO IT! 

Got questions? Check our facebook page, under KALEA UTAH, or call/text us at 801..913..8980

Hiki no, e 'ike makou ia 'oukou i ka wa'a! 

Monday, April 23, 2012


ALOHA GANG! It's been a long cold winter, and we're ready to shed the winter blues and get started paddling!!!  Forecast calls for bright sunny skies tomorrow so we hope you all can join us down at Lindon Harbor for Kalea's first paddle of the season!!!!!  We'll be paddling at 6pm, hope to see you there!

Friday, April 6, 2012


Aloha gang!!! After a long winter, it's time to dust off the paddles and prepare to get in the water!!! Our Melia Poli'ahu and Naulu (our two canoes) are at Lindon Harbor and just about ready to go!!! We're eagerly anticipating the arrival of our third wa'a, and increasing our ability to serve our community.  Please take a look at the flyer above, and feel free to join us on Thursday, April 12 at 6:00pm, and on Saturday, April 14th at 4:00pm for a paddle and potluck!  See you at the harbor!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our August so far...

Aloha gang!
Heading into the middle of August, we've been busy as ever!  August 6th was the 'Ohana Retreat which was pretty amazing! Great turn out, good fun, and beautiful people. Mahalo to everyone who came out to the event and a mahalo nunui to those who were in charge of creating and planning. Looking forward to next year for even MORE fun!

Last week we had the pleasure of having a Boy Scout troop out to paddle with us, it was their first time ever, and we were happy to have them!  If you'd like your group or organization to try canoe paddling, come on out! Give us a call at 801 913 8980 and we'll set it up! 
Last Thursday we were especially pleased to have two new paddlers join our ranks!!! Although they've always been hugely supportive of KALEA, volunteering, supporting, working hard at our events, we've never had them in the wa'a. Until now. And the fires been lit!!!! Mahalo to ka 'ohana Richards! Garin, Cheryl, Brianna and Garin Boy for all of your help all of the time, and we're excited to have Garin Sr. and Cheryl in the wa'a with us!!!
Don't forget, we're paddling this Thursday!!! All experience levels welcome, just come down and have a good time!